Declaration Theme: Open Heaven (Deut 28:12)

  1. My heaven is opened for the rain of blessings IJN - Deut 28:12
  2. My heaven is commanded opened, my bountiful harvest is confirmed IJN - Psalm 78:24
  3. Heaven over my life is opened to pour down righteousness over me IJN - Isaiah 45:8
  4. My heaven is opened I shall see the manifestation of the wonders and greatness of God IJN - Ezekiel 1:1
  5. Heaven over my life is opened I shall be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit IJN - Matthew 3:16
  6. My heaven hear the word of the Lord be opened IJN - Mark 7:34
  7. O you my heaven be opened; it is time to see the secrets and revelation, that will move me to my higher level IJN - Acts 10:11
  8. In the journey of life, door of heaven is opened unto me, my destination is guaranteed IJN. - Rev 4:1