Declaration Theme: Authority (Ecc 8:4)

  1. My Father, my Father I thank you for the authority bestowed upon me as a king to speak and something happen in Jesus Name - Ecc 8:4
  2. In this month oh Lord no enemy will resist the worlds of my mouth In Jesus Name - Luk 21:15
  3. With my tongue I declare heaven to open for my abundance and breakthroughs In Jesus Name - Prov 18:21
  4. I speak to every challenge in my life to turn to my testimonies in this month In Jesus Name - Mark 11:23
  5. I command light to shine forth in any area of my life where darkness want to confuse my destiny In Jesus Name - Gen 1:3
  6. Oh Lord my God I desire long life and better days give me grace not to speak evil In Jesus Name - Psalm 34:13
  7. I declare that angels are at work to enforce every word that shall proceed from my mouth in this month of Authority In Jesus Name - Psalm 103:20
  8. Holy Ghost arise, release fire to consume every wood, stone, dust and lick the water of evil plantations in my life, destiny and family In Jesus Name - I Kings 18:36
  9. Year 2018 is for my Enthronement, as a king and a priest I reject and resist sickness, failures, sorrow, poverty and untimely death In Jesus Name - Rev 5:10