Declaration Theme: Kingdom Stewardship (Luk 22:26)

  1. I am a kingdom addict, all good things of life are my added benefits IJN. - Mathew 6:33
  2. In the journey of life, as good steward of God, I shall be blameless IJN. - Titus 1:7
  3. By the manifold grace of God my gifts shall not be wasted IJN. - 1 Peter 4:10
  4. My dominion mandate is at work through my kingdom services IJN. - Luke 22: 26
  5. I have received mercy to serve faithfully; I shall not faint IJN. - 1 Cor 4:1
  6. I am fully involved in kingdom stewardship. I shall rule over all that my heavenly Father has, IJN. - Luke 12:44
  7. I give, for kingdom advancement my life shall experience running over blessings IJN. - Luke 6: 38
  8. As I serve the interest of the kingdom, I shall spend my days in prosperity and my years in pleasure IJN. - Job 36:11
  9. I have decided to serve God and Him alone I will serve for the rest of my life IJN. - Joshua 24:15