Declaration Theme: Faith (Mark 11:23)

  1. My Father, My Maker as I speak to circumstances, forces and situations in this month I shall have whatsoever I say IJN - Mark 11:23
  2. By my belief system at work in this month I live in the realm of possibilities of life and destiny IJN - Mark 10:23
  3. At my word, persons, circumstances and situations of life are submitting to me through faith IJN - Luke 17:6
  4. My faith is active in this month; I shall show proofs of good report IJN - Heb 11:2
  5. My faith is not mere confessions; the action of my faith is giving me edge over any limitation IJN - James 2:21
  6. I subdue every agent from the kingdom of darkness that will contend with my glory by my faith IJN - Heb 11:33
  7. Through faith I shall live in excellence, power and authority IJN - Hab 2:4
  8. n this tenth month my hidden potentials shall bring me into lime light of greatness, honour and abundant life IJN - Gen 8:5
  9. 2018 is for my enthronement: as a king and as a priest I shall reign here on earth IJN - Rev. 5:10