Declaration Theme: Harvest Revelation (Rev 14:15)

  1. I Declare that my time of all-round harvest has come IJN - Revelation 14:15
  2. Powers that want to eat up my harvest shall suddenly be disgraced and over-taken IJN - Jeremiah 5:17
  3. My harvest has come O'ye heavenly reapers gather the wheat into my barn now IJN - Mathew 13:30
  4. I break up my fallow ground and ! sow in righteousness; I shall reap in mercy IJN - Hosea 10:12
  5. Oh my sickle gather all my hanging harvests for the press is full IJN - Joel 3:13
  6. As I give myself to a lifestyle of praises unto God; my earth shall yield her increases unto me IJN - Psalm 67:7
  7. The bands of every yoke is broken; I am delivered from every oppression: I shall reap the fruits of my field in safely IJN - Ezekiel 34:27
  8. In the Journey of life, I shall experience joy in harvest and I shall rejoice in My reapings IJN - Isaiah 9:3
  9. My life, hear the word of the Lord; you are not for shame: you shall not sleep in the time of harvest IJN - Proverbs 10:5