Declaration Theme: 2022 My Year of Divine Mercy (Lam 3:22)

  1. Divine Mercy shall Deliver me from ALL the troubles in 2022 and no evil shall touch me IJN - Job 5:19
  2. In famine Divine mercy shall redeem me from Death IJN - Job 5:20
  3. In war divine mercy shaii redeem me from the power of the sword IJN - Job 5:20
  4. Divine mercy shall hide me from the scourge of the tongue (Curses, Spells, Satanic incantations,) IJN - Job 5:21
  5. Divine Mercy sha!! make me laugh at Destruction and laugh at famine in 2022 IJN - Job 5:22
  6. By Divine mercy at work in my life I shall not be afraid of the beasts of the field (bandits, ritualists, kidnappers, terrorists and boko haram) IJN - Job 5:22
  7. Divine mercy shall keep my home in peace throughout 2022 IJN - Prov 5:24
  8. Divine mercy shall make my children to be great and my offspring shall flourish like the grass of the field IJN - Job 5:25
  9. Divine mercy shall preserve me from untimely death, early grave and premature death IJN - Job 5:26