1. Godliness is not a state of perfection but a craving to be like God (Matt5:48, Phil3: 10-14)
  2. Our pursuit of godliness is a life-long adventure, there is no graduation in the school of perfection. We can only keep improving on it until Christ comes
  3. Pursuit of godliness demands endurance; it connotes steadfastness into one’s pursuit of God. Heb 12:1-3
  1. Maintaining a godly lifestyle is warfare Satan is on the loose and wickedness is on the increase. We must continually strive to live godly because our ultimate destination is heaven where there is no ungodliness.
  2. Godliness is a covenant practice. Zech 1:3, Mal 4:1-3
  3. Godliness is an exercise; you work for it I Tim 4: 7-8 7. Godliness is a choice. Is 55: 1-2

Example:             Job’s part Job 1: 1-2

                                God’s part Job 1:3

Abraham Gen 12:1 2-4



  1. Be spiritually Zealous Rom 12:11
  2. Engage in continuous fellowship with the saints Heb 10:25
  3. Engage the ministry of the Holy Spirit Rom 1:4, 8:13, Luke 9:28-29, 43
  4. Engage the blood of Jesus Rev 12:11, Zech 9:11
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