What is Prosperity?

Prosperity means divine empowerment to flourish in every area of life – spiritually or physically. – Luke 2:52, 3 John 2.

The Secrets of Operating In Divine Supply or Heaven Economy on Earth

  1. God’s suplly is inexhaustible – no lack with God – Psalm 24:1
  2. God is pleased for His people to connect with His limitless resources – Psalm 35:27, Ecc 5:9, Psalm 112:1-3
  3. The power to get wealth follows the covenant whic is connected by covenant. If the covenant does not exist, the power to get wealth does not arrive.

Power to get wealth:

  • Power to attract wealth
  • Power to command the attention of wealth
  • Power to create wealth by ideas



Isaac – Gen 26:1-6, 12-14; Psalm 50:5

Noah – Gen 8:20-22, 9:1-2, 11-17



  1. Amos 3:3 – There must be a relationship to be in covenant with God
  2. You have a part to play and God has a part to play once you play your part, you don’t need to struggle for God to play His part. Until your part is played, God is not committed to you.
  • Prosperity is not a promise you can fast and pray to claim but a covenant you walk into.
  1. Gen 8:20-22 – If there is ever a harvest time, there is of necessity a seed time.
  2. Gen 12:2 – If you are ready to be a blessing, you are ready to prosper; You are blessed to the capacity to be a blessing to your generation.
  3. Isaiah 55:10 – Only sowers are entitled to seed. Eaters are entitled bread (daily survival)
  • Luke 6:38 – Prosperity is not given, until you give – if you are a giver; you are not permitted to beg.
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