Declaration Theme: Covenant (Hebrew 8:9)

  1. My Father, my Father by your covenant with me take me by your owe hand lead me out of every bondage IJN. - Heb 8:9
  2. Oh God of covenant write your laws in my heart and be a God to me in the journey of life IJN. - Jer 31:33
  3. I receive grace to keep my part of the covenant therefore, my soul shall not be cut off IJN. - Genesis 17:14
  4. I am a seed of faithful Abraham and a child of covenant; Abrahams blessings are mine IJN - Acts 3:25
  5. Oh God arise, remember your covenant and save me according to the multitude of your mercies IJN - Psalm 106:45
  6. I am not a stranger to the covenant of promise, therefore I have hope that His promises are yea and amen in my life IJN - Eph 2:12
  7. My Father, my Father perfect your will in my fife through the blood of the everlasting covenant IJN. - Heb 12:20