Declaration Theme: Prevailing Prayers (Genesis 32:28)

  1. In the school of prayers I shall not faint IJN - Luke 18:1
  2. As I prevail in prayers I have power with God and power with men and a turn around miracle IJN. - Genesis 32:28
  3. I will wait upon the Lord in prayers and my change of story will come IJN - Job 14:14
  4. My soul wait on God for my expectations shall come from Him IJN - Psalm 62:5
  5. I shall continue to ask and receive till my joy is full IJN - John 16:24
  6. Jesus is my friend and because of my importunity in my prayers He will arise and give me all that I need in my life journey IJN - Luke 11:8
  7. I will continue in prayers, I will watch and give thanks for the answers to my prayers IJN - Col 4:2
  8. I have received a command to pray without ceasing, in the journey of life I shall pray without ceasing IJN - I Thessalonians 5:17