Declaration Theme: Divine Directions (Deut 32:10)

  1. As I follow he Lord My Shepherd in this month I shall not lack anything good IJN. - Psalm 23:1
  2. Oh God my Maker lead me, instruct me and keep me as the apple of your eyes IJN. - Deut 32:10
  3. My Father is leading me in the light I shall not stumble in darkness IJN. - Neh 9:12
  4. My life shall show forth peace and fulfillment because I hearken to God’s commandment. IJN - Isaiah 48:18
  5. As I enquire of the Lord always I shall have victory in every battle of life and destiny IIN. - 1 Sam 23:4
  6. I shall not suffer corruption in life because I am guided by the Lord God Himself. - Acts 2:27
  7. The Lord is my light and my salvation I shall not fear IJN - Psalm 27:1