Declaration Theme: All Things Are Yours (I Cor 3:21)

  1. He that freely gives His Son to die for my sins will give me ALL THINGS this month In Jesus Name - Rom 8:32
  2. I declare that ALL THINGS are mine to fulfil my vision in life and Destiny In Jesus Name - Gen 13:15
  3. As I make my daily demands through prayers all things are mine In Jesus Name - Matt 7:11
  4. I lay hold on relevant knowledge for all things to be mine In Jesus Name - II Pt 1:3
  5. By virtue of my love for God and His kingdom, all things are mine In Jesus Name - I Cor 2:9
  6. Through God-first Mentality, all things are mine In Jesus Name - Matt 6:33
  7. By the gift of relationships all things that belong to God my Father, are mine In Jesus Name - Psalm 24:1
  8. I declare that the dew of heaven is upon my life and destiny, there shall be no lack In Jesus Name - Gen 27:28
  9. 2018 is for my Enthronement. I shall rule and reign here on earth In Jesus Name - Rev. 5:10