Declaration Theme: Wisdom (Proverbs 8:15)

  1. By your wisdom oh Lord I shall reign and decree justice in Jesus Name - Proverbs 8:15
  2. By wisdom mandate I am set to reign over the nations in Jesus name - Daniel 6:3
  3. The wisdom of God is at work in me; I shall not be confused in the journey of life in Jesus Name - Daniel 5:11
  4. I shall escape every snare of death as I locate the fountain of life in the word of God in Jesus Name - Daniel 8:35
  5. l have the wisdom of God therefore I shall not be a victim of a kiss of a friendly enemy in Jesus Name - Proverbs 13:20
  6. I am flying on the wings of wisdom I shall soar higher in life and destiny in Jesus Name - Ecc 5:1
  7. Oh my head, hear the word of the Lord, receive an ornament of Grace for a crown of glory in Jesus Name - Proverbs 4:9
  8. 2018 is for my enthronement, as a king and as a priest I shall reign here on earth in Jesus Name - Rev. 5:10