Declaration Theme: Rest (Gen 2:2)

  1. My Father, My Father I dwell in your presence give me REST In JESUS Name - Exodus 33:14
  2. 2018 is my year of Rest in all area In Jesus Name - Lev 25:5
  3. I have come to Jesus, therefore, I take my Rest In JESUS Name - Matt 11:28
  4. Oh you my soul, hear the word of the Lord, your Rest is not negotiable In Jesus Name - Jer 6:16
  5. As the Lord liveth and His Spirit Iiveth. I shall take my Rest in safety In Jesus Name - Job 11:18
  6. My Father Rested from all His works, as His child, I shall rest from all unfruitful works In Jesus Name - I John 2:2
  7. The Storm of the wicked is Over for my total Rest In Jesus Name - Gen 8:4
  8. In the journey of life, I cannot be weary, I am for Rest in Jesus Name - Job 3:17
  9. I have Rest on every side therefore no more adversary and evil occurrence in my life and destiny In Jesus Name - I Kings 5:4