Declaration Theme: God's Pleasure (Job 36:11)

  1. As I obey and serve Him I shall spend my years in prosperity and pleasure in Jesus Name - Job 36:11
  2. My trust is in the living God I shall enjoy all I things lin Jesus name. - I Tim 6:17
  3. I carry His presence therefore, I have His pleasures forever. In Jesus name - Psalm 16:11
  4. I am planted in the garden of pleasure. In Jesus name - Gen 2:8
  5. According to the manufacturer's manual, my life is destined to enjoy God's pleasure. In Jesus name - Jer 29:11
  6. I have His righteousness therefore I am encompassed with His pleasures. In Jesus name - Psalm 5:12
  7. I live in the consciousness that Jesus has given me over-flowing pleasures. In Jesus name - John 10:10
  8. 2018 is for my enthronement I shall rule and reign here on earth. In Jesus name - Rev 5:10