Declaration Theme: Prayer (John 16:23)

  1. My, Father, My Father as I make my demands in the name of Jesus I shall have whatever I ask IJN - John 16:23
  2. In the name of Jesus, I receive all things whatsoever I ask In prayer this month - Matt 21:22
  3. In this month oh Lord I receive sufficient grace to pray for whatsoever I desire in prayer IJN - Mark 11:24
  4. By your power oh Lord, do for me and my family whatsoever I ask in prayer for the sake of your glory IJN - John 14:13
  5. As I abide in You and Your words abide in me I shall ask what I will and it shall be done for me IJN - John 15:7
  6. In this eleventh month I shall receive eleventh hour miracles that will make my joy full IJN - john 16:24
  7. I shall not ask amiss in my prayers this month IJN - James 4:3
  8. Grace to keep God's commandment and grace to do whatsoever pleases God is at work in me; I shall receive from God whatever I ask IJN - I John 3:22
  9. I am confident that God hears me therefore I have whatsoever petition I desire of Him IJN - I John 5:15