Declaration Theme: Dominion (Gen 1:26)

  1. My Father, My Father show forth your dominion agenda for my life to the great amazement of my world in Jesus Name - Gen 1:26
  2. Father I make a demand on the dominion mandate to be in force in every area of my life this month in Jesus Name - Gen 1:28
  3. I invoke the grace to become a channel of distributing overflowing, outrageous supplies to others in Jesus Name - Gen 12:2
  4. Open my eyes to see and possess all that I need to occupy in the land of the living in Jesus Name - Gen 13:14-15
  5. I loose myself from every financial pressure aimed at oppressing me and robbing me of my authority, power and ability to rule in Jesus Name - Mal 3:10
  6. Every agenda of Satan to steal, to kill and to destroy my dominion in this month catch fire in Jesus Name - John 10:10
  7. I believe Christ Jesus is my resurrection and Christ Jesus is my life therefore I shall not see untimely death, premature death and early grave in Jesus Name - John 11:25-26
  8. I bow down the knee of every sickness, disease and infirmity out of my body in Jesus Name - Phil 2:10
  9. I put under my feet every power of darkness that will want to challenge my dominion in this month in Jesus Name - Heb 2:8
  10. I shall show forth the glory of dominion as given to me by Jesus suffering on the cross in Jesus Name - Heb 2:9-11